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Today's Pool Hours - 5a to 10p  
Shower and Locker Room Status

Saturday, 11/18/2023 AM Update:

Hello Lap Swimmers…
Saturday morning…showers are hot.
Swim happy,
Bruce Gillespie

Friday, 11/17/2023 AM Update:

Sorry to report that the there is no hot water for the showers. Repairman is coming later today.
Swim happy,
Bruce Gillespie

11/15/2023 Update:

Hello Swimmers…
The Showers are now repaired and hot.
We will need to periodically close the locker rooms on Friday (11/17) to make repairs to exhaust fan.
I will not know the times until the repair person arrives. We will try and allow access from :50 to :10 before and after the hour for a quick change. Work should be completed by 10am.
Swim happy,
Bruce Gillespie

11/10/2023 PM Update:

Hello Swimmers…
We currently have a temporary fix that is producing hot water for the showers. We still need to replace a few relay switches and fusses next week to complete the repairs. For this reason, the system could go offline again, I’ll do my best to keep it working. For now, the water is warm again!
There is also a need to enter the women’s locker room periodically by a male repairman on Monday. I am unsure at this time when they will actually need to enter and will not know until they arrive.
I will do my best to try and coordinate the times not between :50 before and :10 after the hour to allow for a quick change and shower. They should not need more than a total of two hours. The earliest time we would be closing is at 8:10am.
Please prepare for the women’s locker room possibly unavailable for use.
I will update you all when I have more information.
Swim happy,
Bruce Gillespie

11/10/2023 AM Update:

Hello Lap Swimmers…
Unfortunately, they were not able to make the necessary repairs to the water heater. The next available service call is Tuesday, November 14th. Expect cold showers to last through at least Wednesday of next week. We will update after the service call on Tuesday.
Thank you for your understanding!
Happy Swimming,
Julia Haussmann

11/7/2023 Update:

Hello Lap Swimmers…
After the service call this morning, they have determined that a few parts need to be replaced. The parts have been ordered and they will return Friday morning. Finger crossed that the parts arrive and hot water is restored.
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2. Combat symptoms of depression
3. Improve circulation
4. Increase metabolism
5. Reduce inflammation and prevent muscle soreness
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I will continue to update as more information is provided.
Swim happy,
Bruce Gillespie



Hello Lap Swimmers…

We are having an electrical issue with our hot water heaters. Currently there is no hot water for showers. Plan for at least 2 days of cold showers.

I have scheduled a service call and will update you all when I have more information.

The pool water is not affected. Pool is at normal temperature of 82 degrees.

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