Tips and Tricks for Viewing Reservation Grid on Smartphones

Want to know how to see lanes more clearly on your smart phone? Or setup the iPhone application to view the VR off-season grid? Or some quick steps for adding your reservation to your calendar? You’ve come to the right spot.

When Viewing Reservation Grid in Browser on Smart Phone, Turn Sideways

Having problems seeing all the names and available lanes when viewing the reservation grid on your phone? Yeah, our 8 lanes and two people per lane can make that a bit tricky when viewing the grid in a smart phone’s standard upright/”portrait” orientation.

Our recommendation is that you turn your phone sideways (into the “landscape” orientation) for much better visibility of the lap swim reservation grid.

Info on iPhone application with Off-season lap swim reservations

We’ve been waiting to post details about using the iPhone reservation application until the end of the summer season because you can only use the iPhone application with either the summer season or the off-season at any one given time.  If you would like to transition now to the off-season, this is what you should do in the iPhone application:

1. Click the circled “i” in the top right corner
2. Click “Removed Saved Info”
3. Search for “View”
4. Choose “View Ridge Swim Club (Offseason)”
5. Enter your email and pin for the View Ridge off-season swim site (NOTE: make sure to use your PIN from the off-season website if it differs from your summer PIN.)
If you are new to the iPhone application you would just need to start from the “Search for “View”” step.
We also don’t necessarily endorse or promote the iPhone application as it is a bit tricky to use with the number of lanes we have. The use of the iPhone application is personal preference and up to each individual user.
Clicking on Date/Time Hyperlink in Reservation Confirmation to Add Event to Calendar on iPhone
On your iPhone you can add your reservation to your calendar quickly in just a couple clicks.
1) Open up your “Reservation Confirmation” email on your iPhone.
2) Locate the reservation date and time hyperlink in your email and click/tap it.
3) Click/tap “Create Event”.
4) Click/tap the check-box icon in upper right to enter the event in your calendar.